New YouTube Goal

Something that I have always wanted to do and never could quite figure out is how to blow up on YouTube! I know this is a lame dream to some people but for me it is high on the priority list. I know I need to find my own video style and I think I found it. I want to make funny music videos similar to the Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” hit. I have thought about my plan of attack.

At first I want to make one music video a month because in the YouTube game consistency is key. I am going to colab with local artist already making music. Just like Lonely Island but on a smaller scale. I have a base of friends that are starting to get a pretty good following and I know once I have a few good videos I will be getting connections to more and more artists.

If you know any local artists that would like to record a track and video please let me know. I am contacting bands and solo artist now.