How to learn Photoshop

I remember when I thought I would never be able to learn photoshop. I project would come along and I would open photoshop and try a few things and give up and use ms paint, which doesn’t support layers and can be a total nightmare sometimes. If you feel like this no worries let me share my experience on how I learned photoshop.

I knew this was something I wanted to learn and I was going to take some work. I luckily found a website called is a very simple idea, video training tutorials about software. I learn through repetition and being able to see things. If this is how you learn, video training is perfect! I don’t work for, I am just a person that used the 30 trial and found out this is the fastest way for me to learn a program. I have done countless tutorials on video production, graphic design, audio editing, web design and much more. If you believe knowledge is power you will love

They have a feature that allows you to watch videos at double speed for when you are in a hurry, or just want to watch a 3 hour course as fast as you can. If you are struggling with photoshop I suggest you checkout some of the videos on and see what you think.

Here are my top photoshop course choices:

If you have any comments on how you learned photoshop or question please leave them below. It is important that we help each other learn and grow.

Life Long Learning

Logan Penningtona